Why not follow the latest trends in footwear? At El Corte Inglés you'll find the shoes you need for every season. Pick up some women's boots or ankle boots from brands such as Alpe or some children's shoes from the brand Conguitos. If what you need are light and comfortable shoes, you'll find them from the brand 24Horas. Make sure you have everything for summer: some flip-flops for the beach or pool or sandals for any occasion. Or try some moccasins from Castellanos, a classic shoe that will provide comfort and style everywhere you go.

Choose the shoes you need

Just as going to the countryside or to an event are not the same, you need to choose the shoes, sandals, or trainers for each occasion. Discover our Gloria Ortiz brand, with boots, sandals, ballerinas, and court shoes in a wide range of colours, and always with the El Corte Inglés guarantee. And make sure you have a pair of Nordikas slippers to enjoy time at home. Choose your favourite model on our website.

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