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Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer tonic 4-pack 20 cl bottles

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Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer tonic 4-pack 20 cl bottles

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  • Brand: FEVER-TREE
  • Type: Tonics
  • Official Classification: Surrey
  • Source: Europe. Reino Unido.
  • Creator: Fever Tree Ltd
  • Presentation: Pack 4 bottle
  • Capacity: 20cl
  • Ingredients: Natural mineral water, cane sugar, ginger root, natural flavours, ascorbic acid.
  • Brand Code: Fever Tree Ginger BeerFEVER TREE
  • Food Designation: Ginger AleÁgua Tónica*lang*
  • Supplier name: Osborne Distribuidora, S.A.SCHMIDT - STOSBERG, LDA.
  • Supplier address: C/Fernan Caballero, 7 - 11500 El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)Av. General Humberto Delgado, 141Vila Verde - Sintra2705-887 TERRUGEM SNT
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Conditions of conservation and use: This is a pressurised container. Open carefully and away from your face. Protect from sunlight
  • Net quantity: 800800
  • Net quantity Measuring unit: MillilitresMillilitres
  • Percentage Alcohol: 0
  • Nutrient:
    100 Millilitres
    0 g
    10.1 g
    9.0 g
    Energy value
    40 kcal
    0 g
    0 g
  • Mandatory Notices: Tasting score - Colour: Cloudy with natural sediments. Gently turn upside down before opening so that the natural sediment emulsifies. Aroma: You will instantly appreciate the fresh, natural ginger. Flavour: Predominant fresh ginger flavour. Refreshing and clean without being too sweet. On the mid palate, the ginger flavour is noticeable on the mouthfeel, leaving a spicy hint at the back of the throat.